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The purpose of this site is to tell you a little about myself, Jim McDowall, my hobbies and interests and the other organisations I am involved with. To this end I have included a number of links to other sites of interest as well as some of my poetry and some of my photographs. I also intend to add material relating to my wargaming activities. Some of this will have been produced by me, much of it by my fellow wargamers but all of it is available for others to use.
Me, as seen by Bob Trueman
Sixtieth birthday haircut - head shaving for Macmillan nurses
Preparing to have my 10 year haircut
After the haircut
Some photographs from the 2015 Preston Grammar School Association Annual Dinner

Left to Right

David (Charlie) Billington, Association Secretary

Canon Timothy Lipscombe, Vicar of Preston, Guest Speaker

Colin Monks, Association President

Jim McDowall, Association Treasurer and Webmaster

David Bunting, Master of Ceremonies

Here is the current weather forecast for Crosby
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